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Lifescapes is a digital publication from Wells Fargo Advisors designed to keep you educated and updated on investment trends, investment planning, money and relationships, and your lifestyle. Every month, you’ll find new multidisciplinary insights to help you and your Financial Advisor work together to navigate the complex financial terrain of your life. From understanding how changing interest rates may impact your portfolio to getting tips on how to talk to your children or parents about their finances, our goal is to provide you with inspiration and insight you can use in your life. At Wells Fargo Advisors, we promise you exceptional communication. Your Financial Advisor takes the time to really listen and understand your unique circumstances, and then works collaboratively with you to create a personalized plan to pursue your goals today, tomorrow and for the future. Lifescapes is part of that tailored approach to meeting your financial needs. Continue the conversation by contacting your Financial Advisor.

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